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Yumemiru Megami

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Posted November 17th 2017 - 12:09
That was so sad.
Posted November 17th 2017 - 23:07
Oh my god I'm literally crying. Is there going to be a sequel where yuri get reunited with viktor and stuff?
Posted November 18th 2017 - 23:08
Okay so why didn't they put the warnings IN THE BEGINNING OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK GUYS
Posted November 20th 2017 - 08:05
awww thx
Posted November 22nd 2017 - 23:28
I came here to nut, not cry. Damn...
Posted November 23rd 2017 - 03:00
I need more funny or I will g0o isane with death again
Posted November 23rd 2017 - 03:07
it was A bit jumbled but the death of someone like him would cause a riot and a great many people to be hunted down a fried for my amusment mwhahahahahah
Posted December 1st 2017 - 09:48
What the actual fuck? Take this shit down lol. I get some people are into this Amputee Rape-Porn shit, but this is disgusting.
I don't even like the anime these characters are from, but for fuck's sake, this isn't cool. Stop loading things like this up as if it's an okay thing...
You come here for some well-drawn, story-driven, cutesy soft-to-somewhat-hardcore porn. Not this shit.
Posted December 1st 2017 - 22:01
i regret clicking on this...
Posted December 6th 2017 - 16:02
I made myself an account especially for this comment... I couldn't get this out of my mind. I think I must respect everyone in their desire and sexual orientation, but this needs to be put in a certain section (Gore/BadEnding) and certainly not be promoted on the front page. I have nothing nothing against a truly dramatic and hard manga when theres a good ending, a reward for the reader. This is plain pain... Tags need to be put up before the title/the manga itself. If this was my first visit here on the website and I wanted to see some yuri on ice doujin, well I'd never come back!!! Good thing i'm not and I know this website has great content!
Posted April 9th 2018 - 23:08
Gore is sweet that requaires a certain taste
Posted October 7th 2019 - 07:04
It's disgusting but also sad and I also totally regret clicking on this..
Posted October 18th 2019 - 01:00
As someone who has a past in sexual abuse this sent me into a panic in a way that is hard to recover from, PLEASE put the warning at the beginning or move it to its own section
Posted April 30th 2020 - 19:43
I'm actually a FAN of the darker stuff, but putting the content warning at the end was a terrible idea! Put the warnings at the TOP of the page so people don't end up clicking by accident!!