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Welcome to YHR!

An important update!

Hello, people. It has been a short time since our last update. Regarding our game development thing. We are looking for the obligatory 3d artists (Modeling, textures, etc).

We have been dancing around this necessity for quite sometime. We need volunteers who can put in some time and effort from YHR's community.

As we are still figuring out how to properly stabilise funds for the future of YHR, this is not an absolutely paying job. Nor is it labour with no compensation. If this becomes a successful project all parties involved will be given their dues.

Whether this compensation comes from a Patreon we set up, out of YHR's future monetized funds, or from the sales/success of said game.

We will be building it in Unity, and if anyone has any aspirations to join this team, do contact Cookiekittyuke on YHR's discord and or e-mail [email protected]

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