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Hi again

So yeah, the ads were pretty shitty. Annoying, unrelated, and intrusive, especially on mobile, where the majority of you all come from.

So I'm getting rid of them. It's clear that 3rd party ads aren't a good solution for us here. The revenue generated from the past 3 months of ads didn't even match 1 month of our previous 1st party advertiser. Instead, I'm going to focus on bringing back the yaoi store with merch and continuing to encourage people to support on Patreon.

The only ads we'll have now are the ones we set up ourselves on our own ad server, currently (as of time of writing) only FurFling, who has also been a long-time advertiser with us. I'm opening up advertising to all users, so if you're an artist, a maker, a small business owner, or anything in-between, hit us up for an ad spot! I haven't nailed down pricing yet, but I want it to be fair and balanced, and not prohibitively expensive.

For the merch coming to the returning Yaoi Store, I'm thinking custom items with both bold and subtle yaoi/LGBT designs. Things you can actually wear around, or use on a daily basis, without being obnoxiously loud, if you get what I mean. Keep an eye out for that, coming soon!

One more thing I forgot to mention, we have a new chat! Not on Discord, not on Telegram, this one is all our own. There's a link on the side bar, or click this link here to go to the new Yaoi Chat.

So yeah, sorry if the ads have been super annoying to you guys, trust me, they were bad for me too, and just not worth it. Yes this site is expensive to run, but I don't want to sacrifice the decade plus of good will for a few coins, that's not going to do anything positive in the long run. Thanks for sticking around.

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