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Hi all

We recently lost our largest long-time direct advertiser, which paid for about half the server bill every month. With that gone, we need to come up with new revenue streams for the site to keep things online, this includes going back to using external advertiser networks. You may notice some popups/popunders, new banner ads, and other new and innovative ways to annoy you lol, unfortunately necessary while we still can't cover everything with the Patreon donations.

Speaking of, if you have a spare $2.50 a month laying around, consider helping us out there. We've been saying it for years, but we really do mean it, if we get all the bills for the site paid for by Patreon donations, ads on here disappear. Trust me, I hate them just as much as the next person, but I recently lost my job and am still hunting for a new one, so the out-of-pocket I already usually cover going up an extra couple hundred or more every month just isn't sustainable for me.

In regards to the new ads though, if you see anything sheisty, or weird, or dangerous, definitely let me know. I only want good ads, even if they're the usual misleading 'grow your dick!' ones, but nothing actually dangerous or malicious, and will remove them if they start. Comment here or email me, Telegram me, Discord me, wherever you find me.

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