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Help support the artists, YHR, and get a few benefits yourself!

  • Q: What is YHR+?
  • A: Well it's quite a few things! Such as:
    • An ad-free experience across all of YHR
    • Special tags in the forums marking you as a supporter
    • Special supporter-only coupons and giveaways for The Yaoi Store
    • Helping out the artists! Anything beyond what we need to run YHR goes to helping artists on Patreon!

  • Q: That's all? Well I have an ad blocker, so I don't need it
  • A: Ad blockers hurt not only YHR, but now the artists as well. A lot of effort is put into this site, and it's very expensive to upkeep, we rely on revenue from ads to stay up! A lot of artists rely on sites like Patreon to make a living, and like we've said, anything beyond what we need to run the site will be put towards artists, weather it be through Patreon or ordering commissions from artists.

  • Q: What are the differences between Gold, Platinum, Super, and Ultimate Supporter?
  • A: The biggest differences are the discounts in the Yaoi Store; Platinum is a 5% discount, Super is a 10% discount, and Ultimate is a 15% discount. This does stack on top of any sales or discounts going on in the store!

  • Q: How do I get these discounts in the store?
  • A: Automatically! If you already have a Yaoi Store account with the email you enter in the payment form, it will be updated within 48 hours. If you do not have a store account yet, make one! Then email Atoro so he knows to change your account on the store to get the discount!

  • Q: What shows up on my credit/debit card statement?
  • A: YHR! We only charge with the initialized name to keep things less obvious for those of you with snoopy parents.

  • Q: Why even offer YHR+?
  • A: YHR is expensive to run. In an average month, we see about $2,000 in expenses, sometimes more. Servers, staff, and taxes eat up more money than we make from The Yaoi Store, and I can't afford to keep paying out of my own pocket to support the site. Everything helps, we don't want YHR to go away!

This is still very early in the making, and benefits, features, and perks can change (probably getting better) with time. Bear with us while we work to make this even more worth it! If you do have any suggestions for benefits or perks, feel free to contact me, [email protected] to discuss them!

YHR+ has moved to The Yaoi Store and is now done through PayPal!

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Now for the legal mumjo-jumbo: YHR+ is a monthly subscription-based service. Your card will be charged a set amount every 30 days. All income will be put towards operating costs, any extra beyond what we need will be put towards artists through Patreon or commissioning artists. Charges will show up on your bill as 'YHR', and can be canceled any time by contacting us. The payment form above will be processed by USA ePay securely, via https://secure.usaepay.com. Please don't use your parents' cards on here, they will find out, and you will get in trouble. Any chargebacks will result in a card ban and possibly a site ban (those things are expensive for us!). If you would like to cancel your monthly payments, or would like to simply make a one-time payment because you love us so much, email Atoro and we can arrange this.