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Are you an artist who has found your work here? Please read below for information on what to do.

Yaoihaven Reborn, LLC, has changed ownership since it's beginning days, but there is still a lot of work to do in terms of content attribution and artist consent. If you see your content here, and we have not yet contacted you for approval, there are a couple things we can do:

  1. You can claim your art and have complete control over what content is shown
    • We are currently working on a front-end interface for artists which will attach to normal Yaoihaven Reborn accounts.
    • This attributes all content to you, and gives you 100% control over what content is displayed.
    • You can upload or remove content created by you (similar to other artist image hosting sites).
    • This is currently still being made, we're calling it the 'gamma' version of YHR, as we're currently in 'beta'.
    • We will support you via Patreon if you have an account! Let us know and we'll start sending some cash your way!
  2. You can simply give us approval to host your artwork. There are several well-known artists who have done this.
    • We will never sell your work, or create any kind of paywall between the public and your work.
    • All work will be attributed to you when the artist is known. If you find art that is not attributed, please let us know and we can fix that!
    • We only profit from sales in the Yaoi Store, and the ads on the site help offset hosting costs. We will never profit off of your artwork.
    • We will still support you via Patreon if you have an account! Let us know and we'll start sending some cash your way!
  3. You can submit a DMCA request below and have your artwork removed.
    • We will of course work with you on removing all content you do not with to have on Yaoihaven Reborn.
    • We do request some form of proof that you are the artist in question (or representative thereof). This can include:
      • A link to a page in your main website, if you have one, with something like 'YHR proof' on it.
      • A note/message from your artist account on another website (DeviantART, FurAffinity, InkBunny, etc.) You can link to the main page first, we will let you know where to send the message.
      • A direct message from your official Twitter account, sent to @AtoroDesu. If you can't DM, simply Tweet @ me saying hi, I'll understand what it's for
      • Simply linking to a website or user page does not constitute proof, as anybody can link to a publicly available page and claim to be them. E.G. Proof I am President Obama.
    • We only request proof like this because we have been subject to to DMCA fraud in the past, which is a federal crime, and want to be sure the artists are not misrepresented by random people with a grudge.
    • We ask that in your forms of proof you are civil and not defamatory, we didn't intend to hurt you or your work! We will always respond in kind and work quickly to remove any content you do not want on the site.

If you are opting to go with option 3, please fill out the form as accurately as possible. Link to each infringing item you wish to be removed, and link to the form of copyright proof outlined above. Please allow up to 5 business days to fully comply with DMCA requests, especially for large requests. We will always respond within 12 hours to let you know we have received your request and are starting work to comply. Thank you, and we (and the community of YHR) are sad to see you go!

Note: If you are a legal firm or third party sending the DMCA request at the request of the artist in question, please email DMCA at YaoihavenReborn.com directly (it probably makes it a ton easier on both of us). Thanks!