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Hiking Fun - WIP

Thanks for reading on Yaoi Haven Reborn! Where you can read Hiking Fun and other yaoi, shota, and furry comics and doujinshi online for free!


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Posted February 10th 2018 - 14:58
Why is it so small? I can’t even read the texts!
Posted February 10th 2018 - 20:58
Same problem as SmallOne. I don't think the uploaded images are full size. The text is too small to read and the images won't enlarge.
Posted February 11th 2018 - 19:01
Posted February 12th 2018 - 05:05
Posted February 12th 2018 - 14:19
Seems incomplete
Posted February 14th 2018 - 01:03
Posted February 18th 2018 - 18:53
Why post WIP stuff that takes forever to upload? Why not just post it once its complete? Then people aren't pestering for more or complaining that its incomplete.
Posted February 23rd 2018 - 23:26
For people having trouble reading this enable allow force zoom then if that doesn't work and your on a smartphone download a flash browser best one I've found for this site or manga at for my needs is Puffin.
Posted April 7th 2018 - 02:43
There needs to be more of this!
Posted April 18th 2018 - 03:29
More, please
Posted May 21st 2018 - 06:50
Post the next pages, please
Posted June 10th 2018 - 13:45
When the hell will this update again???
Posted July 1st 2018 - 22:59
one less page and no continuation for years :/